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tv   Newsline  NHK World  August 14, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm JST

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welcome to "newsline." here are the stories we are following this hour. un officials say a number of dead in ukraine nearly doubled in two weeks as those ensuring the conflict take part in a diplomatic dispute. >> a train has run into a landslide on a mountain in switzerland and derailed. injuring several passengers. japanese defense officials are
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gearing up to relocate a u.s. air base on okinawa. >> un officials say the number of people who died in the conflict in eastern ukraine nearly doubled over the past two weeks. government forces have intensified the operation to end an uprising by pro russian separatists. residents caught in the fighting are desperate for help. nhk world joins us with more details. craig? >> as the confusion hangs in the air over the aid, officials with the human rights agency said one thing is clear. the conflict is much more deadly over the past couple of weeks. they reported that 1100 people had dieed from when the uprising began on july 26th. the new count is updated and say more than 2,000 people have been
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killed. pro russian separatists and civilians. more people have been wounded. they say they have limited access to information. ukrainian forces ramped up the offensive and taken back more territory from the separatist. they got the rebels cornered in two cities. they keep firing on separatist positions. residents are dealing with the following. no water or power in some places and food supplies are dwindling. leaders want to send this convoy to eastern ukraine. they packed more than 250 trucks with aid supplies reportedly around 2,000 tons worth. the convoy left a location outside of moscow and headed touth. that's where it stalled for more than a day. although russian media say the trucks are on the move again. scenario has seen the convoy into ukraine, but that may change so right now no one knows
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where this aid could end up. the bottom line is that the ukrainians said they won't let the convoy in unless it passes on the crossing, not one in the hands of the separatist. they wanted to check the aid and they want them to take charge of it. the leaders had concerns that they used it to send weapons and other supplies or as a way of sparking a standoff to launch an invasion. any deliveries lacking the mandate of the red cross will be taken as aggressive forces and med with adequate response. u.s. officials are also on guard. >> russia has no right to move into ukraine whether under the guides or any other pretext without kiev's permission. >> everyone agrees that the humanitarian situation is deteriorating. red cross representatives call it rather dire. some are looking ahead to winter and saying that winter will get
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worse. they echoed that concern. >> we have seen it time and again in a humanitarian crisis that when weather comes on top of the conflict, that of course weakens the population. that's for winter conditions. >> ukrainian leaders are sending aid to liberated territories. still they remain wary of any russian health and the prime minister said it would be burden for the russians to send trucks to take their bandits back. >> nhk world, thank you. >> palestinian and israeli negotiators have seen the latest 74 hours ceasefire in the wind down. they won't extend, but the two
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sides appear to be fighting again. palestinian negotiators say hamas delegates are willing to extend the ceasefire. officials have not responded. the two sides have been holding indirect talks in cairo. they have shuttling between them. they are demanding that israelis lift their blockade of gaza. the israelis want hamas fighters to give up their weapons. the latest truce was when several rockets were fired. they retaliated and launched an offendive. more than 1,900 palestinians are killed. most of them soldiers.
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they find themselves with fewer and fewer friends. iraq's president with the new prime minister among them. they have been serving as the speaker in parliament. he has begun discussions holding a new cabinet. maliki said a body's nomination is meaningless. he went on to say he would not be let down. constitutional. his critics say maliki has favored him and fuelled the sunnis. they staged a number of car bombings in baghdad a day after a bomb went off near one of thes's rebels. critics also accused him of
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sentencing. they captured a number of cities and a push across northern iraq. now they are locked in a fight with the troops backed by the u.s. french president francois hollande say they are facing a catastrophic situation. y that announced plans to provide weapons to the fighters. hollande released a statement promising to supply arms to the kurdish leadership. he did not go into detail about the quantity or kind of weapons the government delivered. >> hollande positioned himself alongside u.s. leaders. they started air strikes last week against northern iraq. the french have also pushed other numbers of the european union to do more. eu foreign minsters will hold a meeting on friday to get the approach. the special forces have been
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looking at how to help members of the religious minority trapped in the mountains of northern iraq. they flaired up attacks and got food or water. the officials now say the situation is not as bad as they feared. defense department press secretary john kirby said there not as many in the mountains as they thought. he said a rescue mission is less likely. he said the u.s. military while continuing to provide humanitarian assistance. he said that a team of about 20 personnel assessed the situation on the mountain. there about 130 u.s. military advisers now in iraq. >> japanese defense authorities have moved closer to relocating a controversial u.s. air base in southern japan.
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they ignored the protests and have begun a placing of burs off the coast. they are marking the area where the base will be built. thousands of people live around the air station. japanese and u.s. government officials agreed in 1996 to move the base. they are planning to build a new facility in an area called henoko. crews have started laying bus offshore. they plan to start drilling soon to survey the ocean floor and then they will push earth into the water to build the base. years ago, demonstrators forced defense is officials to cancel. so last month the government officials designated the waters off the coast a restricted area. demonstrators returned to the area in boats and canoes to protest. russian forces have launcheder and exercises that provoked japanese officials.
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the drills are taking place on russian-held islands claimed by japan. more than 1,000 personnel are taking part. the forces are running through drills using about 100 military vehicles and five attack helicopters. they are tajing the exercises in the area they called the kril islands. they are fully claimed by japan. officials at the morn military said they received information that the exercises are taking place on two of the islands. russia controls the four islands. the japanese government maintains they are a part of japanese territory. it said the islands are illegally occupied afterworld war 2. >> translator: we cannot accept russian military drills on the northern territories.
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>> foreign military officials launched a protest with russia. russia's act ambassador said the islands belong to his country and they don't cause problems. >> managers at companies across japan are beginning to reinvest in their businesses. they rose for the first time in three months. overall figures for the april to june quarter show a steep drop. officials at the cap net office said major machinery makers received orders for about 7.3
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orders in june. the figures exclude volatile power and ship building sectors. orders were down more than 10% from the previous three months. the first drop in five quarters. officials say machinery orders are experiencing ups and downs. that's a downgrade of their previous assessment. they said the decline was mostly due to poor performance by manufacturers. orders in the sector dropped 8.5% on a weak demand for ship making equipment. officials in china have released key data for july. they say factory productions slowed down and consumers held back. analysts say the figures show that domestic demand continues to be weak in the world's second largest economy. officials say industrial production rose 9% compared to last july. it fell 0.2 percentage points
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since june. that was the first contraction in two months. the drop was partly because of a slow down in steel production even though rail way and other transportation businesses grew. retail sales rose more than 12% from last july. but the pace of increase was down slightly before the second month in a row. the sales fell sharply as they are called on consumers to cut back buying high end goods. some analysts say this realistic market is discouraging consumers from spending the money. millions of tourists visit japan every year and more and more of them are stepping up cruise ships when they arrive. bigger vessels bring bigger benefits to the forts they visit. some communities are having trouble rolling out the welcome
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mat. >> the 130,000-ton voyager of the seas enter the port in okinawa prefecture. the gigantic cruise ship from taiwan is over 300 meters long. large cruise liners like this one behind me are becoming a more common sight here. the city authorities are hoping the increasing number of tourists will help to boost the local economy. 88 large foreign cruise ships carrying some 130,000 passengers are scheduled to call it this year. that's more than three times as many as a decade ago. naha is the third busiest cruise destination in japan. >> translator: it looks so beautiful on tv. i wanted to see it for myself. >> translator: i'm going sightseeing with my friends and shopping.
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>> for many years large cruise shops stopping at naha had to use a wharf, but it's a long way from the city center. in 2006, the central government launched a $166 million project to build a terminal exclusively for large cruise ships. the terminal opened in april of this year. persons can now walk to the center of town. welcoming foreign visitors is a community-wide effort. local authorities have even provided chinese-speaking guides. >> translator: we are offering visitors a taste of local hospitality. >> okinawa prefecture authorities estimate the cruise ship business will be worth around $41 million this year
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alone. >> translator: we are pinning high hopes on cruise ships to help reinvigorate local communities and the economy. >> japan has about 1,000 ports. last year 50 of them welcomed cruise ships weighing 50,000 tons or more. local governments are active ily encouraging cruise ships to call. tokyo is a promising cruise destination with many scenic spots. the problem is that even the biggest bridges in tokyo are too low for large cruise ships to sail under. the span of the rainbow bridge across tokyo bay is 52 meters of above sea level. the cruise ships have gotten bigger since it was built so the bridge is now too low for giant vessels to pass beneath. to address the problem, the tokyo government announced plans to build a wharf for large
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cruise ships close to the rainbow bridge and taking a back seat for the facilities for the 2o 20 olympics. the operator said officials should carefully consider the size of the facility. >> there is plenty of time until the olympics so we should consider building a large port big enough for two ships to dock at a time. otherwise we may have to go back later and rebuild the whole thing. >> the land and infrastructure ministry is doing its part. in march, officials there launched a website that offers information on tourist attractions near the ports. foreign ships have become a key pillar of japan's growth strategy. >> cruise ships are indeed loaded with treasure. they promote trade and tourism. we will do everything to bring
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more to japan. >> the japanese government aims to lure 20 million foreign visitors a year by 2020, double the current figure. to achieve that target, the country must do all it can to build a kind of infrastructure necessary to ensure that this opportunity doesn't just sail on by. nhk world. police in thailand are trying to unravel a mystery. they are looking into a case that involves as many as 15 babies. one woman received about $10,000. we have a report. >> thai police discovered nine
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babies last week. a japanese businessman owns it. he is 24 years old. he claims to have fathered them. this woman said she is the surrogate mother. she said two years ago a thai girlfriend made him an offer. >> the broker said i could make money if i delivered a baby. they wanted it because we were poor. >> she signed a contract which states the amount of money she would get and that she has no right to claim the baby. the woman said she underwent in vitro fertilization. the broker took the baby. she received little explanation about the biological parents.
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she met a japanese men three times during her pregnancy. >> we never really spoke to each other. i didn't know how old he was or why he wanted to have babies. i assumed that he was busy because he had other babies too. >> police found six other babies that may have been born to surrogate mothers at the man's request. they say those babies obtained japanese and thai passports that bear the man's family name. they say he has taken four of them out of the country. dna tests show nine of the infants are likely from the same father. they are trying to find out whether it's the japanese man, but he left and police are
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urging him through his lawyer to return to thailand. nhk world. >> a jet in brazil carrying a candidate for president has crashed. the six other on board were killed. a plane took off from rio dejaneiro from the port city. the pilot attempted to land there in bad weather. the plane crashed into a residential area. camp owes served as governor. he was campaigning for the presidential election schedule forward october. brazilian president called him a great political leader as he declared three days of national mourning. a train has run into a landslide on the mountain in switzerland and derailed. it left several cars hanging down a ravine.
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11 people were injured. the train sets off with 140 people on board. heavy rain has hit the area and that triggered the landslide. the train couldn't stop in time and three cars went off the tracks. one was about ten meters down and got caught up on trees. police and firefighters used helicopters to rescue passengers trapped inside. >> we felt the bump and i was afraid that our car would tip too. i grabbed my son and said let's get off. >> the rail system is among the safest in the world, but the accident happened just two days after another in which three people upper killed. for more on weather around the world, let's go to robert sperta. >> across eastern portions of
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europe, this precipitation has been coming down for several days. on the satellite picture, the low pushed across switzerland and dropped heavy rainfall over the course of that period. 136 millimeters and they met back towards the east and about 80 millimeters fell in 24 hours. in between that, we saw this band of showers stretching across the alps. kooch rain too much rain in a short period of time let to land slides. as far as the forecast, we could be seeing afternoon thunderstorms continuing to flair up. through thursday into friday, the bulk of the weather is now moving off to the east into the baltic states and across the west in the low countries in eastern portions of the british isles and even a possibility of tornados. some reports of waterspouts already as well.
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as we take a look towards the eastern portions of the u.s. we do have a storm system that is pushing through here. that is bringing flooding and we had flooding earlier on into the washington, d.c. area. i want to show you what it looked like on long island on the morning hours on wednesday where residents stuck at home in rough going heading into the city. many highways were closed as well. that's because of the record breaking amount of rainfall. as far as your forecast, the storm system is still moving off towards the northeast across new england into southern ontario. drier weather allowing that to drain out. back towards the west around the four of corners region, a monsoonal low continuing to kick up that has been bringing flash flooding and northern portions of the rockies, you have seen showers in that threat of severe thunderstorms. let's move to the other side of the world.
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we haven't talked about you in a while. a storm system is kicking up this weekend that the bring rainfall and it's good news on the southeastern portions of the australia. new south wales, you were 75% below average for rainfall. very dry and to make marries worse for farmers, you need the rain, but it has been cold down towards victoria where temperatures over the course of the past week and below freezing in the overnight hours, you have been dealing with frost. this will do two things. bringing the rain and warmer temperatures from the north. some areas you can see 100 millimeters of rainfall. temperatures warm up. minus 3 on the morning low. victoria in the higher dellingvatidell in elevatio elevations. sydney is 10. things warming up there as well.
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heavy rainfall across china. still the thread of flooding towards shanghai. recent reports of river flooding. hong kong is seeing 385 meters of rainfall. good news. the city is able to take that rain. we have not seen reports of flooding. towards japan, afternoon thunderstorms have been flaring up and that rain will come down. here's the extended outlook.
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. and that concludes this edition of "newsline." on behalf of our team, thank you
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for staying with us.
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takeshi, an a-list celebrity in two completely different ways. world famous film director and brilliant comedian. he keeps his finger on the pulse of art by having fun. takeshi, art beat. takeshi is flipping through a catalog of the artist he will be meeting this time. >> translator: the colors, they are lovely.


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